Proper exercise to get the flat tummy

There are lots of weight loss program available today. They promise results, with some in as short as six weeks. In fact, even some celebrities endorse these diet programs. Because of the success of the program and celebrity endorsements, these weight loss programs are expensive.


Weighted vests are simply vesting with weights on it, they are becoming very popular among athletes who want to increase their performance and martial arts sportsmen, as weighted vests impose a heavy load on you that makes your routine a lot harder, helping you to break your current performance levels and reach the next one. Though this exercise you can also become fit and get a flat tummy. There is a lot of exercise for a flat tummy. But you will need to find out the one which will support your body mass and can make you fit and strong.


It’s true that in order to get a flat tummy, build muscle and strength you don’t need weighted vests specifically, because you have a wide variety of machines, dumbbells, and barbells at the gym or at home. However, you can get benefit a lot by using them, especially on bodyweight exercises such as squats, push-ups, pull-ups and more.


You will find out a lot of exercises which are designed to help you gain strength. If your goal is to build muscle you just need to follow your actual gym workout, using the weighted vest on the body-weight exercises you do. Of course, if you follow the routine below, you will experience some muscle gain, because strength and muscle go together most of the time. Remember to always do a general warm-up for joints and stretching. Here are a few exercises to gain muscle strength and also get a flat tummy.


Workout 1


1)    Do 1-2 sets as warm up on every exercise
2)    3x 5-8 Pull-ups follow immediately by 6-9 wide-stance push-ups
3)    3x 8-12 squats follow immediately by 6-9 narrow-stance push-ups


Workout 2


1)    Do 1-2 sets as warm up on every exercise
2)    2x 6-12 burpees (core-strength)
3)    2x 5-8 Pull-ups follow immediately by 8-12 squats
4)    2x 6-9 wide-stance push-ups follow immediately by 8-12 lunges
5)    2x 8-12 narrow pushups.


If your goal is not just to get flat tummy but also increase your muscle strength, you can do the above exercises. These will allow you to get a flat tummy and also improve your body muscle easily. Not only heavy exercises but you will also need to follow a proper diet plan. If you can cut fat and excess carbohydrate from your body, you will be able to get a flat tummy in a few weeks.